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Mainland Trade Initiative is an International Trading Company based in Guangzhou, China. We are a company focused on providing international community an honest and effective access to the Chinese companies and products. Combining our experience in International Trade with our local on-the-ground skills, we provide you with right products at a right price in minimum possible lead time. In short, we de-mystify the China business for you.

To provide business community around the globe a direct access to the Chinese factories manufacturing quality products at reasonable prices and simultaneously provide superior pre and post sales services which are crucial to modern day international trade.

It is common knowledge that the Chinese are the leading manufacturers in the world, and have experienced rapid growth in the past decade. Chinese manufacturing offers superior quality combined with very low prices and we look for this trend to continue well into the unforeseeable future. However, there are major barriers that can make it difficult for foreign companies to succeed in this land of dragon. Distance, language, economic/cultural differences and trust issues, along with the complication of logistical issues. MLTI has the sophisticated services expertise backed by long standing relationships with the factories and physical presence in Guangzhou to provide you powerful relevant support to make your China venture a success story.

Unlike some other companies, we offer our clients with dedicated personnel with in-depth product line knowledge. Our close proximity to the factories allows us to respond to your queries both efficiently and quickly without cost to you. We maintain a high standard of quality control through our team of inspection personnel, which assures you of consistent quality at all times. If you are interested in expanding your product lines, receiving better pricing for your current items, sourcing exclusive projects or even simply having a competent agent act on your behalf as a cost-effective buying office, MLTI supports you.
We look forward to learning more about your company’s needs.

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